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Mansfield Park watch along! Part 1

Watch Mansfield Park with me and and we’ll dish over all the wonderful little period details together. Mansfield Park is not the most popular Jane Austen work by any means. But I confess, I really like it. And there’s a lot of great stuff to talk about in it, so pull out the popcorn and …

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Gentlemen, Gentry and Regency Era Social Class

During the Regency era social class played a huge role in all aspects of life. Birth was a key factor in determining one’s social standing. For some, especially the eldest son and heir, their standing was established with an inherited title and fortune.  For others, especially younger sons, inheritance of  land or fortune and occupation …

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An Officer and a Gentleman pt. 2

The Militia-A Different Breed of Officer In Austen’s Pride and Prejudice we encounter a military regiment temporarily stationed in Meryton. These men are members of the militia, not the regular army (discussed in the last post.) While at first blush, there may seem little difference between the regular army (the Regulars) and the militia, the …

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