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The Chelsea Bun: Regency Era Cinnabon?

I always love getting to ‘dress the set’ as it were of my books with bits and bobs from the era. Food is often one of those bits; the sights and smells and tastes of a place are so evocative, aren’t they? So I often find myself in a deep dive looking for what my …

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Regency Christmas Traditions: Black Butter

  Black butter was another traditional Christmastide treat. Jane Austen mentioned black butter in a letter to her sister. One might infer that she liked it on the whole, but was rather unimpressed with this particular batch of it.   December 27, 1808: The widgeon (a kind of duck) and the preserved ginger were as …

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Regency Christmas Traditions: Twelfth Night Revelries

  Who can resist a holiday party? During the Regency era, the party of the year would generally be held on Twelfth Night.   Twelfth Night Revels Epiphany or Twelfth Night (Jan 5 or 6 depending on who was counting) was the exciting climax of the Christmastide season and a time for putting away social …

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Regency Christmas Traditions: Mince Pie and Twelfth Night Pie

Traditional foods are always an important part of any celebration. Every family and every culture has certain dishes that speak of holidays and festivities would be incomplete without them. This was as true in the Regency era as it is today. Mince pie was a dish that helped define the season. During the Regency, most …

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Regency Christmas Traditions: Boar’s Head and Brawn

Traditional foods are always important to a celebration. Every family and culture has particular dishes that speak of holidays. Festivities would be incomplete without them. Regency celebrants looked for the appearance of Boar’s Head and/or Brawn on the Christmas dinner table. Boar’s Head and Brawn Wild boar was the most feared animal. (Even today feral hogs …

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