Jan 24 2017

If you Give a Teen a Classic…

If you give a teen a Jane Austen classic book… they will be dying to know more!

If you give a teen (or a group of them) a Jane Austen classic book, they will be dying to know more.

And if they are dying to know more, they will find a Janeite to tell them more.

And if a Janeite tells them more, they will suggest watching Jane Austen movies with the Janeite.

And when said Janeite agrees, they will make an event of it.

And when they make an event of it, they will bring food. And since it will be over Christmas break, many, many cookies will be involved, making said Janeite very happy.

And when said Janeite is very happy, she will talk a great deal about all things Regency and Austen in the movies.

And while said teens are watching said movie, the Janeite’s cats will come to visit, receiving many pets and cuddles.

And when said cats receive pets and cuddles, they will nap nearby.

And when they nap, they are cute. Cute enough that said teens might just prefer them to Colin Firth.

(No, I did not just say that, did I?)

And when Colin Firth is mentioned they must talk about the famous wet shirt scene and the unmentionable related there-in.

And when unmentionables are mentioned, everyone gets silly and giggly.

And when everyone gets silly and giggly, all would like it to continue, so, said Janeite must recommend another Jane Austen classic book.

And when you give a teen a Jane Austen classic book….

Many thanks to my son’s AP English buddies for making this Christmas break a wonderful and memorable one. What can possibly compare to spending two evenings in the company of a group wanting to discuss all the ins and outs of Pride and Prejudice and even took notes during the whole thing! You guys are awesome!










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  1. Anji

    What an awesome group of teens! Sounds like you all had a lot of fun. Cookies, Colin Firth and his unmentionables – what more could a Janeite want during the Christmas holidays?

    1. Maria Grace

      It was pretty awesome!

  2. Mary

    I agree wholeheartedly with what Anji said! What more could any of us want!!!
    Great idea to host it ,thus providing you an ideal opportunity to light the flame of enthusiasm for all things Austen!! We are not alone!!!

    1. Maria Grace

      Absolutely! Such a treat to get to share all the little tidbits with an interested audience!

  3. Deborah

    I third Anji and second Mary. I love If You Give A Mous A Cookie. I read that and it’s variations to my preK class quite often.

    1. Maria Grace

      If you give a mouse a cookie is one of my very favorite children’s series!

  4. Katherine Schmitt

    Once the teenagers move on to graduate, the Janeite might well want to advertise her services to the AP English teacher so more students could have such an affirmative introduction to Jane Austen. Your cats will love it!

    1. Maria Grace

      You have an excellent point Katherine!

  5. Carol

    Cookies, cats, and Colin. Love to cuddle with my cats, but cuddling with Colin, wet shirt or not, sounds so much better. What more is there? Great group of kids.

    1. Maria Grace

      LOL. Carol! Love it!

  6. Susanne Barrett

    What fun!! Our middle son, who graduated high school in 2015, once told a friend of his that I “inflicted Austen” upon him.

    Poor child.

    I also regularly inflict Shakespeare, Dickens, and other classic novels upon my children. Of course, this is the same child who quoted from Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing while still in a toddler seat…at the table with our pastor and his wife as guests, exclaiming with arms open wide, “The world must be peopled!” Our guests were laughing so hard once I explained…. 😉

    Thanks, Maria!!

    Susanne 🙂

    1. Maria Grace

      I LOVE that version of Much Ado! Thanks Susanne!

  7. Sheila L. Majczan

    Love the prose. My grandchildren are all 4 or under so I have been giving them the children’s classic editions. I am hoping one of them comes to love JA as I do. I was introduced to Jane Eyre in seventh grade and didn’t read any JA until the 1995 movie was released in parts on TV. Then I had to read the book. Hope the young gentlemen learned something from the movie. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Maria Grace

      Thanks Sheila. The guys were good sports, but I think the girls were far more interested. LOL

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