Dec 06 2015

Regency Traditions Video:Delicious Whipped Syllabub

Regency Christmas Traditons



Delicious Whipped Syllabub

Read more about syllabub and other holiday foods here.


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  1. Kristi Van Howling

    This is the second post I went to and I love the video!

  2. Taswmom

    Thank you! I had no idea what a syllabub was! And this from the person who created my own dictionary as I read Jane Eyre the first time – pre-computer mind you! I guess I’ve gotten lazier as things have gotten easier. In fact, when I first saw him pick up his straw whisk, I thought “Thank heavens for my electric beaters!” Before he even mentioned it. That does sound yummy though. I’m definitely trying that one! (With my electric mixer!)

  3. bn100

    looks fun

  4. Megan

    Looks tasty! This is a must try for me!

  5. Erika Messer

    Oh my goodness this looks yummy! I will definitely be trying this – and I must say I LOVE the wooden whisk 🙂 I need one of those! Thanks for all these great recipes, they are going in my stash 🙂

  6. Lisa H

    I found this fascinating.

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