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Parlor Games for Christmastide

 In the days before electricity, evenings, particularly winter evenings which kept families indoors with poor lighting, proved challenging for entertainment. Cards were also popular, but often could only accommodate a small group at a time. To include larger groups at once, families turned to parlor games to while away the long evening hours. Christmastide entertaining provided …

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Christmas Post Index

After writing 5 (!) Christmas books, I’ve managed to fill Random Bits of Fascination with a plethora of Regency era Christmas treats. Here’s a Master Index of the offerings for your holiday reading pleasure.  (Posts marked New 2017 may not be up until later this month.) Christmas Scenes Stir it Up Sunday The Mumper’s Blessing …

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Christmas fun: Old Fashioned Parlor Games

What to do with company that comes for Christmas? What about some old fashioned parlor games? I love the holiday season, especially because it means I can have friends and family over. Occasionally, boredom can strike though and I find myself scrambling for something fun to do. With long winter nights with only candlelight to …

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Mansfield Park watch along! Part 3

Now it’s time to watch Henry begin courting Fanny Price. Last week we saw the consequences of home theatricals and Maria’s marriage to Rushworth.  Today we’ll continue talking about all the fun historical details underlying the plot and the movie adaptation. Find your comfy spot on the couch, grab your popcorn and let’s watch some more! …

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Mansfield Park watch along! Part 1

Watch Mansfield Park with me and and we’ll dish over all the wonderful little period details together. Mansfield Park is not the most popular Jane Austen work by any means. But I confess, I really like it. And there’s a lot of great stuff to talk about in it, so pull out the popcorn and …

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