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Dec 18 2015

Regency Christmas Traditions: Boar’s Head and Brawn

Traditional foods are always important to a celebration. Every family and culture has particular dishes that speak of holidays. Festivities would be incomplete without them. Regency celebrants looked for the appearance of Boar’s Head and/or Brawn on the Christmas dinner table. Boar’s Head and Brawn Wild boar was the most feared animal. (Even today feral hogs …

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Dec 08 2015

Regency Traditions Video:Make Your Your Own Wassail Punch

  Regency wassail was usually far more alcoholic than this, and wine based. But this recipe has a lot of the same feel with fruit and spices.         We are more the fruit juice and spice punch type people, so I’m not sure we’ll try this particular version, but I’d love to hear …

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Dec 07 2015

Regency Traditions Video:1824 English Gingerbread

This video on making traditional gingerbread really reveals my inner food geek.   Ok, talking about this history of chemical leavening might not be your thing, but it’s really fascinating.     Even it you’re not into kitchen physics the way I am–hey I live with a bunch of engineers and it has changed me. …

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Dec 06 2015

Regency Traditions Video:Delicious Whipped Syllabub

    Delicious Whipped Syllabub Read more about syllabub and other holiday foods here.   If you enjoyed this post you might also enjoy:  

Dec 05 2015

Regency Christmas Traditions: The Christmas Feast

Though the Christmas feast was a high point in the festivities, other balls and parties, especially on Twelfth Night placed many demands on the Regency kitchen.       So many guests could require a tremendous amount of food to be kept on hand. All this celebrating could leave a hostess utterly overwhelmed and exasperated …

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