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Don’t serve your coffee from a chocolate pot!

What makes a chocolate pot different from a teapot or coffee pot?   Because anything induced by chocolate MUST be a good idea, its time for another chocolate-induced dive down the research rabbit hole! Just to refresh your memory a bit, during the regency era, there were three particular luxury drinks: tea, coffee and chocolate. …

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Chocolate cups and trembleuse saucers

What makes chocolate cups different from teacups or coffee cups? It’s been a rough month around here. My father’s had a major health crisis that resulted in three hospitalizations in as many weeks. He had surgery, then had complications and his complications had complications, literally.  How does one cope with such things? Chocolate. In frequent, …

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Taxed, smuggled and adulterated: Tea in Britain

“Polly put the kettle on, we’ll all have tea.”~Charles Dickens (1812-1870) Barnaby Rudge   Since its popular introduction by Catherine of Braganza, in 1662, tea in Britain was an expensive commodity It was so expensive it was usually kept under lock and key, protected from pilfering by the servants. Both the cupboards and the tea caddies …

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Regency Traditions Video: Making Mince Pie

  Mince pie was a Twelfth Night staple, often made from the leftovers from Christmas dinner.     Making Mince Pie   Read more about syllabub and other holiday foods here. Read more about mince pie here.   If you enjoyed this post you might also enjoy:

Regency Traditions Video: Traditional English Christmas foods

  What was it like to prepare traditional English  Christmas foods in a Georgian kitchen?  Any why we’re wondering, just how long would it have taken?   Traditional English Christmas foods   Read more about plum pudding here. Read more about mince pies here. Read more about Yorkshire pie here. Read more about the Christmas …

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