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Though Maria Grace has been writing fiction since she was ten years old, those early efforts happily reside in a file drawer and are unlikely to see the light of day again. After penning five file-drawer novels in high school, she took a break from writing to pursue college and earn her doctorate in Educational Psychology. After 16 years of university teaching, she returned to her first love, fiction writing. She has one husband and one grandson, two graduate degrees and two black belts, three sons, four undergraduate majors, five nieces, is starting her sixth year blogging on Random Bits of Fascination, has built seven websites, attended eight English country dance balls, sewn nine Regency era costumes, and shared her life with ten cats.

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Taking Orders

Taking orders   In Jane Austen’s writing we encounter a number of characters like Edward Ferrars and Edmund Bertram who are planning to take orders. Her readers understood what that meant, but the concept is a little foreign to us, so here’s a quick rundown on what ‘taking orders’ meant.  The English laws or primogenitor, …

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It’s a (church) living…

Jane Austen often wrote of clergymen with church livings and gentlemen with livings to bestow. What exactly was she talking about? In short, a living meant a guaranteed income and home for the lifetime of the clergyman lucky enough to be appointed to one. Since the incumbent did not receive a wage or sully his …

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Rectors and Vicars and Curates…Oh My!

I must confess, trying to understand the Regency clergy just about drove me over the edge. References didn’t answer my questions, then they would contradict one another. I thought I’d pull my hair out. Nancy Mayer at Nancy Mayer-Regency Researcher came to my rescue and straightened out so much of  my confusion. Thank you, Nancy! …

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Of Gentlemen and the Gentry

I learned one writing lesson very quickly. Do the historical research and get the details right. I don’t know why I hadn’t realized how important this was at the start, but suffice to say the point was well made and I got to work. I immediately realized I needed to understand the social classes of …

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New beginnings

Sun rise on a new day

You never know when new beginnings are in store for you. I certainly did not expect one. Sometime when you’re just minding your business, unexpected things happen. In this case a new beginning. I didn’t anticipate it, especially not one starting the way this one did. One person whispered some ugly, disgruntled gossip and someone …

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