Reason #22 Why writing takes so long

#22 Getting the Details Right


It isn’t hard to find online comments about the adorable pink jellybean toes our kitty-friends sport. (And yeah, they are utterly adorable–especially when they have freckles on their toes like one of my kitties does. Those are the cutest things ever! I digress though.)

Have you ever noticed just how much their paw pads look like little pink teddy bear faces? The chin, the little pink ears–total teddy bear right? Naturally,  that calls for adding in just the right details–eyes, nose, and a smile! (At least on the pink ones, haven’t quite figured out how to do that on the black cat’s darling black piddy-paws. Note to self: find my white ballpoint pen.)

Does that make me a bad kitty-mama, that I feel compelled to add in the missing details to their teddy-bear pitty paws? Just like with a story, the right details just make everything so … complete. It just has to be done.

And really, think about it. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask–especially in rent payment for the desk real estate they take up for their daily naps. For most of the day, fully a third of my desk is take up by a sleeping cat–and it two want to sleep there at once, then it approaches seventy five percent of my desk–they seem to ‘ooze’ more when several of them are together. (Do you suppose there is an exponential ‘cat melt’ factor associated with the number of cats piled together?)

There’s a knack to it though–their jellybean toes are ticklish so you have to be quick lest their teddy bear has a lopsided grin. But never fear, I have a quick hand and have just about perfected the art of teddy-bears-on-toes faces.

Funny though, I seem to be the only one who notices the cute little details on their toes. They are utterly indifferent. Sigh.

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    • J. W. Garrett on January 20, 2018 at 8:41 am
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    I love these posts. What fun… I can tell that you adore your writing and editorial staff, critique group and ghost writers. I have enjoyed reading their antics. Unfortunately, my mother didn’t like cats. My great grandmother loved them and her cats would scatter when my mother entered the room. So, I never learned to enjoy them as pets. Don’t hate me. Thanks for the giggle.

    1. Thanks, JW. It’s good to know it’s not just me! I’m fortunate as my husband did not grow up with cats, he thought himself a dog person. But he learned to appreciate them–with the help of a couple great cats–and now he’s totally a cat person.

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