Happy International Cat Day!

Maria Grace and catsHappy International Cat Day!

What a great way to start the week, celebrating our favorite furry friends. There’s a stereotype about writers and their cats–I’m not sure you’re allowed to be a writer without at least one cat.

Mine like to be helpful. They make sure I am nice and warm when I hang out in my writing chair, working on something the old fashioned way.

Maria Grace and cat

My wrist is nice and warm…

Even when I’m typing they make certain that my hands don’t get cold. Isn’t that thoughtful?

computer catsThey are deeply concerned for my health. They make sure I don’t sit too long in any one position. They make sure I get my exercise by ensuring I climb the stairs multiple time a day. Knocking things over is a great way to draw me out of the study!

The dears are entirely devoted to my eye health, making sure I don’t sit too close to the monitor and that I use the ergonomic keyboard under the desk, not the flat one one on the lap top. Aren’t they sweet?

matching book ends
They also help me decorate.  See how well balanced they are against the sofa table?

Cat in a basketThey guard my bookshelves and encourage book selection with a purr.

And they help with the chores, like laundry. See how they make sure we can tell the basket of whites from the basket of colors?laundry cats

And they make sure all my guests feel welcome. One look at that face, one that conveniently matches the decor no less, and who wouldn’t feel right at home? Welcome guests cat

I’m sure my kitties are not the only helpful ones. Help me celebrate International Cat Day by sharing how your kitties strive to be helpful!


    • Russ on August 8, 2016 at 5:04 pm
    • Reply

    You have a cozy place for kittens. I don’t know which is the luckiest.

    • Dwane Knott on August 10, 2016 at 7:14 pm
    • Reply

    You may be right that writers have to have a cat. I have one but she is not as concerned for my health as yours are. He prefers to remain occupying my lounge chair while I work or do anything around the house. However, near mealtime he becomes most attentive to what I am doing.
    He shares the house with two 90 lb Lab mixes who love to torment him. That is until he gets enough of their antics and lets them know who is the real boss in this house.

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