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Christmas Post Index

After writing 5 (!) Christmas books, I’ve managed to fill Random Bits of Fascination with a plethora of Regency era Christmas treats. Here’s a Master Index of the offerings for your holiday reading pleasure.  (Posts marked New 2017 may not be up until later this month.) Christmas Scenes Stir it Up Sunday The Mumper’s Blessing …

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Pride and Prejudice Christmas Scene: Creaming the Well

Excerpt from From Admiration to Love January 1, 1814 Early on New Year’s Day, Fitzwilliam made his way down to the morning room. There was something about the start of a new year that demanded rising early and reflecting upon what had been and what might be. It might be a custom unique to him, …

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Pride & Prejudice Christmas Scene: A Twelfth Night Ball to Forget

 Mr. Darcy has left the company of Charles Bingley and contemplates the approach of Twelfth Night in his London town house. An excerpt from Darcy and Elizabeth: Christmas 1811 January 5, 1812. The afternoon sunlight tumbled through the windows, laying a neatly ordered path of light through his study, illuminating everything the way he best liked.  Even …

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Pride and Prejudice Christmas Scene: First Footer at Longbourn

Mr. Bingley and his party have left Netherfield. Jane has gone to London with the Gardiners, but Mr. Bennet is determined to observe his New Year’s customs as usual. They all hope for a propitious first footer. Excerpt from: Darcy & Elizabeth: Christmas 1811 December 31, 1811. “Hurry along now, hurry along.” Papa ushered Kitty …

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Pride and Prejudice Christmas Scene: Darcy and the Harlequin

An invitation from Bingley to attend the pantomime might not go entirely as expected. Excerpt from Darcy and Elizabeth: Christmas 1811 December 30, 1811 Darcy laid his newspaper aside. Miss Bingley should not have worried, her little dinner party hardly garnered any notice at all. A few brief words of Sir Andrew’s and Lady Elizabeth’s attendance …

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