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Jan 10 2017

By the Book: Mr. Collins’ Proposal

Was Mr. Collins’ proposal as outrageous as modern readers believe? Congratulations to RMORREL winner of the paperback set. Once a gentleman survived the rigors of a courtship and wished to propose—and it was only the gentleman who could extend an offer of marriage—he had the dubious advantage of having very clear procedures to follow. He did …

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Dec 12 2016

Christmas fun: Old Fashioned Parlor Games

What to do with company that comes for Christmas? What about some old fashioned parlor games? I love the holiday season, especially because it means I can have friends and family over. Occasionally, boredom can strike though and I find myself scrambling for something fun to do. With long winter nights with only candlelight to …

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Nov 21 2016

Guest post: Canada’s Troubled Road to Democracy

I am delighted to host Elaine Cougler today, talking about Canada’s troubled road to democracy. In our modern world, Canada is known far and wide as a democracy and, dare I say it (I’m Canadian), a dream of a country to live in. Modeled after the British parliamentary system with a figurehead monarch providing much …

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Nov 14 2016

Planning a Ball

 In Pride and Prejudice, Caroline Bingley is required to plan the Netherfield ball in something on the order of two weeks. What did planning a ball really require? Planning a Ball Most of us have, at some time or another been called upon to host an event. The frenzy, stress and excitement are familiar to …

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Nov 08 2016

Conduct during Courtships in Jane Austen’s World

Nothing, especially courtships were straightforward in Jane Austen’s World.   Squelching, not encouraging courtship Many of the rules governing conduct in courtship helped squelch the possibilities of romantic passion. These included forbidding the use of Christian names, paying compliments, driving in carriages alone together, correspondence, and any kind of intimate contact. If a couple was observed violating …

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