#8: Top 10 reasons editing takes so long

 #8 No letters left on my keyboards

I have two keyboards, the one on my laptop, and my external ergonomic .  Both of them are battle scarred. 

The ergonomic one lost most of the letters quite a while ago. I have to be really careful with the  to make sure I get my hands in the right spot or I get some really interesting results.

And I can’t type one handed on the keyboard since I can’t see what the letters are as I type. The upside is that no one wants to borrow my stuff.

The laptop keyboard is even more interesting. It has scars from my fingernails on many of the keys.

Dearest husband still can’t believe I could do that to the keys. Well, not the ergonomic one is getting divots as well. Poor man, just shakes his head.

He has decided that for my next laptop I MUST get a silicon skin for the keyboard so this doesn’t happen again. The keys still work, though, so that’s a good thing. Right?





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