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Is Fanfiction a Legitimate Genre?

    Just encountered this article this afternoon. You can guess my thoughts.  However, do you think it is different if the work is in the public domain vs it being still under copyright?  I’d love to have your opinions. Is Fanfiction a Legitimate Genre? June 19, 2012 By Edward Nawotka, Editor-in-Chief Fifty Shades of …

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My Secret Addiction

Confession time, we all have them, secret little hang ups and peculiarities that we keep quiet.  Today I have to fess up to my secret addiction: pretty office supplies! Back to school season–oh how I dread thee! Not just the one in the summer, but at the start of the year, too. The stores lie …

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New beginnings

Sun rise on a new day

You never know when new beginnings are in store for you. I certainly did not expect one. Sometime when you’re just minding your business, unexpected things happen. In this case a new beginning. I didn’t anticipate it, especially not one starting the way this one did. One person whispered some ugly, disgruntled gossip and someone …

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