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Lady Susan Down Load Page - Random Bits of Fascination

Lady Susan Down Load Page

Please click this button to down load your copy of Jane Austen’s ‘Lady Susan’ .


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  1. KellyAnn

    Thank you so much Maria! I stumbled across your blog today and am super happy that I did!! I’m a new blogger, here’s a link to my website – http://bookmischief.blogspot.com/, so I’m new in discovering how many readers, bloggers and authors are out there that have similar book interests. I admit I was hopeful since I never run into anyone in my non-cyber world who enjoys reading as much as I do. Goodreads has definitely been a blessing as well.

    I am also a huge Pride and Prejudice fan. I’ve read quite a few continuation novels and can’t wait to add Darcy’s Decision and The Future Mrs. Darcy to my read stack!!! – Kelly Ann

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