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Valentine’s Day History A’la Carte 2018 edition

  How much do you know about Valentine’s Day history? Test your knowledge against these articles! Victorian Valentine’s Day Cards  A selection of Victorian Valentine’s Day cards went on show last year at Manchester Metropolitan University. The cards, often handmade, featured lace, pressed grass and Valentine’s jokes. One card, titled “The Bark of Love”, featured …

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An Anniversary at Abbey Mills Farm

  Mrs. Drumond’s School for Girls is moving to Wednesdays.  Watch for the next chapter on 2/18 Of Harriet Smith, Jane Austen said: “She would be placed in the midst of those who loved her… retired enough for safety, and occupied enough for cheerfulness. She would be never led into temptation, nor left for it …

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Happy Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s day, I thought I’d share my favorite proposal scene from my Given Good Principles series, Mary Bennet and her beau, curate, Mr. Pierce.   Don’t forget to enter for the audiobook giveaway by commenting on Monday’s post. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A door clattered. “I see Hill. I need her to make my tea. I must …

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