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The Dawn of Aviation ~ Hot-Air Balloons by Heather King

  I’d like to welcome Heather King today as she related her most recent trip down the research rabbit hole. Who knew one could find hot air balloons down there!   When I start a new novel or even a blog post, I am prone to falling down research rabbit holes in the pursuit of …

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The Development of Transportation by Barbara Gaskell Denvil

                                                      I’d like to welcome Barbara Gaskell Denvil today as she shares a fascinating article on the development of transportation.   A fundamental requirement for the freedom of humanity, is the need to move, and to move over varying distances. Yet, somewhat surprisingly it took a very long time for us to invent an …

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From Portreath to Scorrier, the Railway before the Train by David W Wilkins

Please Welcome David W. Wilkins as he comes by to talk about some railway history. The research for The End of the World is something of a chicken and egg story. I should imagine that many tales that end up as novels have similar births. One thought leads to another and then a third and …

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