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Caroline Bingley Plans a Ball

The Bennets have just visited Netherfield and Lydia has named the day of the ball. Now it is up to Caroline to plan a ball.   Nov 14, 1811 The garish Bennet women finally trundled out of Netherfield’s parlor. Not a moment too soon. Caroline pressed her eyes with thumb and forefinger. They had already …

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An interesting conversation with Mr. Bennet

October 7, 1812 Darcy paced the Netherfield library. The fool room was far too short and the threadbare carpet muffled what should have been a satisfying thud from his boots. He had faced many intimidating men in his life. Men more educated them himself; men wealthier; men more powerful. None ever caused him a moment’s …

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The Wickhams Depart Longbourn

 September 10, 1812 Elizabeth stood with the rest of the family on Longbourn’s front steps. The sun hung high in the sky as Lydia waved her final goodbyes. She edged back to allow Mama and Kitty better vantage. The ten days of their visit could not have gone more slowly, and the final three had …

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Pride and Prejudice: Mrs. Bennet Persuades

Pride and Prejudice, Volume III August 19, 1812 Mrs. Bennet’s unique rap sounded at the study door just an hour after dinner. Mr. Bennet leaned his head back into the soft wing back. Even if it was expected, he did not relish the call. She had only begun to come downstairs once again the day …

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Pride and Prejudice: News of Lydia Spreads

Pride and Prejudice, Volume III August 16, 1812 The narrow vestibule was far too quiet for comfort. An eerie hush had settled over Longbourn since the initial news of Lydia had arrived, punctuated only by moments of Mama’s nervous episodes. How nice it would be to be able to hide in her room, away from …

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