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May 27 2017

Understanding Dragon Types

Peek into Elizabeth Bennet’s world of dragons through her commonplace book of dragon experiences. Today she learns about dragon types.  If you missed the start of grown up Elizabeth’s adventure with dragons, check out this post . If you missed the first installment in Elizabeth’s Commonplace Book, you can find it here.   September 1801  Though Papa …

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May 16 2017

Wedding Dresses in Jane Austen’s World

Though nearly all of Jane Austen’s works end with a wedding, she does not spend much time detailing the weddings themselves, much less the wedding dresses. Modern brides often spend a great deal of effort and money on the wedding dress and expect to wear it only once. Honestly, it is hard to imagine another …

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Apr 04 2017

Hardwicke Marriage Act in Jane Austen’s World

The Hardwicke Marriage Act laid out the path to the altar for regency couples Engagements in the regency era were generally brief, often only a few weeks long. Why the hurry? Since premarital sex was common and the birth of illegitimate children problematic for inheritance, parents preferred to see couples married sooner rather than later. Reading the banns or …

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Mar 16 2017

Snowbound at Hartfield Chapter 16

A Jane Austen Mashup Short Story. What happens when Emma meets Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice? A wedding perhaps?  Find other chapters HERE. Saturday morning—Friday was unfortunately too soon for the butcher to prepare Emma’s order—Elizabeth stood before the mirror in her second best gown. No, it was not new, but it was silk, and pale blue, …

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Mar 09 2017

Snowbound at Hartfield Chapter 15

A Jane Austen Mashup Short Story. What happens when Emma meets Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice? A courtship for Elizabeth Elliot perhaps?  Find other chapters HERE.   Mrs. Darcy squealed like a little girl and pounced on them. It really was quite sweet, in a very familiar sort of way. Familiar was … nice … quite nice. …

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