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Persuasion 200: Lady Russell Hints about Dangers of Mrs. Clay

Will Lady Russell ever be able to have a conversation with Anne that is not painful and difficult? Lady Russell sipped her tea but Anne merely stared at hers. Something was on Anne’s mind—something more than the family’s impending change in circumstances, something very troubling. Perhaps she should mind her own business. That was an …

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Persuasion 200: Lady Russell and Anne Consult on Retrenchment

The Elliots are in trouble and Lady Russell wants to help.   Why was she forever having these difficult discussions with Anne? A god mother should anticipate her duties, enjoy pleasant intimacies with her goddaughter. Recently those moments seemed fewer and farther between, over shadowed by difficult and challenging issues that should have been a …

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Persuasion 200: Anne Wonders if Wentworth Will Pursue Her Again

All the news of Wentworth’s exploits has got Anne thinking… …plus a special cameo from our Jane Austen House Museum fund raiser… Anne lay the newspaper aside and maneuvered in the window bench until the sunbeam caressed her face. Such exploits, such bravery. Though there was not a soul with whom she could share it, …

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Persuasion 200: Lady Russell Decides to Persuade Anne

In the absence of Lady Elliot, Lady Russell takes it upon herself to advise Anne on her engagement. But first she must come to terms with her advice herself. Lady Russell dismissed her maid and sank down on the chair at her dressing table. Another curl, another tuck, none of it would make her feel …

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