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Persuasion 200: A Call to the Musgroves at Christmastide

The Musgroves came back to receive their happy boys and girls from school, bringing with them Mrs. Harville’s little children to improve the noise of Uppercross, and lessen that of Lyme. Henrietta remained with Louis but all the rest of the family were again in their usual quarters Lady Russell and Anne paid their compliments …

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Persuasion 200: Anne Visits Lady Russell

After sending the Musgroves to Lyme to visit with Louisa, Anne visits Lady Russell. How different Anne has become in the months since they last met. Lady Russell opened her inlaid walnut teapoy. The dusty herbal fragrance of tea leaves wafted up, riding on the dust motes in the afternoon sun. How long had it …

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Persuasion 200: Anne Reflects on the Crofts Arrival at Kellynch

It is Michaelmas and Anne’s thoughts turn toward Kellynch and the Crofts who have now taken residence there.    “Would you care for some blackberry jam?” Charles Hayter asked, lifting the dish in her direction. Oh bother, she must stop daydreaming before someone took notice! Anne smiled, “Thank you, yes. I think I shall miss …

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Persuasion 200: Everyone talks to Anne

 You can now read Jane Austen’s Persuasion right here! Click here to go my Jane Austen Reading room. Never had Anne had so many seeking her ear and her counsel. But as much as things were different, many things remained unchanged. Anne pulled her shawl around her shoulders more tightly and slipped outside, the sun still so …

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Persuasion 200: Anne readies Kellynch for the Crofts

There are a thousand things to be done to prepare to leave Kellynch and all of them seem to fall upon Anne. Anne trudged up the steps, a heavy ledger tucked under her arm. Portraits, she was cataloging portraits today. Just one more in an unending stream of tasks Elizabeth saw fit to assign her. …

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