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Oct 06 2016

An interesting conversation with Mr. Bennet

October 7, 1812 Darcy paced the Netherfield library. The fool room was far too short and the threadbare carpet muffled what should have been a satisfying thud from his boots. He had faced many intimidating men in his life. Men more educated them himself; men wealthier; men more powerful. None ever caused him a moment’s …

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Sep 19 2016

A Sneak Peek: My new book … and dragons!

So, yeah things have been pretty intense the last few months. Chatting with a friend the other day I realized that since mid-May my middle son graduated university, we attended my brother-in-law’s wedding, I seriously sprained my ankle, our grandson was born, son #2 moved to another city to attend graduate school, my other brother-in-law’s …

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Jun 16 2015

So I went to a ball…

Balls and assemblies form a regular feature of Georgian and Regency era historical novels. Often heroes and heroines meet, flirt, fight, and even fall in love on the ballroom floor. But what was it really like to attend a ball? Recently I got to find out first hand. My husband, eldest son and his wife, …

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May 07 2015

Taking Tea with Mrs. Darcy

 The honeymoon comes to a close and the real work of being Mrs. Darcy begins. Elizabeth checked her hair in the looking glass and straightened her dress for the third time. There was no reason for such anxiety, none at all. It was not as if she were going to be presented at court. In …

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Apr 07 2015

A Matter of Character

In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, following the disastrous proposal at Hunsford, Darcy must decide what he will do.   Darcy stalked from the parsonage so quickly the housekeeper barely opened the front door in time. The spleen of that woman! The unmitigated impertinence of her! She painted him a villain…a vulgar villain! He mounted …

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