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Aug 15 2017

One Less Lemon Brownie

I posted this article article about this time last year. Just a few days ago I got another one of ‘those calls,’ so it seemed fitting to revisit these lemon brownies My youngest turned eighteen this week and my grandbaby turned one month old. Time for a family celebration! My youngest is a low-key kind …

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Aug 10 2017

Heir of Rosings Park Title Poll

Weigh in on the publishing title for The Heir of Rosings Park   Find Preview chapters HERE   The good news is that The Heir of Rosings Park now has a launch date! Mark your calendars for August 31! Just three weeks from now! (Yikes, that isn’t much time, is it? Ahhh!) Sorry about that, I’m …

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Aug 08 2017

To Love, Honor and OBEY in Jane Austen’s World

Though nearly all of Jane Austen’s works end with a love match and a wedding, she does not represent the prevailing attitudes about love and marriage of the day. What did regency marriages look like? Marrying for Love was Unlikely While love might have been on the minds of regency era couples, they generally expected …

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Aug 03 2017

Heir of Rosings Park Chapter 17

How much will Fitzwilliam’s temper with Lady Catherine cost him?   Find additional chapters HERE  Chapter 17 Fitzwilliam straightened his jacket and followed his guests from the dining room to the parlor. Miss Bennet would surely reprimand him if he said it, but Aunt Catherine’s absence at dinner had aided his digestion considerably. Miss Bennet’s …

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Aug 01 2017

The Trouble to Check Her Giveaway

What would happen to Lydia if someone takes the trouble to check her? Comment on this post for a chance to win an ebook.  The Trouble to Check Her Lydia Bennet faces the music… Running off with Mr. Wickham was a great joke—until everything turned arsey-varsey.  That spoilsport Mr. Darcy caught them and packed Lydia …

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