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Elizabeth’s First Dragon journey

Peek into Elizabeth Bennet’s world of dragons through her commonplace book of dragon experiences. Today she takes her first dragon journey with her father on official Blue Order Business.  If you missed the start of grown up Elizabeth’s adventure with dragons, check out THIS POST. If you missed the first installment in Elizabeth’s Commonplace Book, you can find …

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Introducing the Dragon Index

Today is appreciate a dragon day! What better way to appreciate them than by launching a reference to all things dragon! It will be expanding in the next few months. You can find the index at its permanent home HERE. Blue Order: The governing body of human-dragon relations in England. Made up of all major dragons, …

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Remember the Past Giveaway

In Remember the Past, Elizabeth Bennet’s father, Admiral Thomas Bennet, assures his daughters that his retirement from His Majesty’s Navy will be the start of a new life for them all. Little does he know his family’s battles have only just begun. .  Comment on this post for a chance to win an ebook of Remember …

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Happy New Year! Welcome 2018

  What do you say to close out a year like 2017 and usher in a new year? Some  reflections on last year and looking ahead to 2018.   So well yeah… hmmm, what to say? To be honest this is the fourth time I’ve tried to start this new year post and I’ve hit …

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New Year’s Celebrations with Old Fashioned Style

New Year's Celebrations 2017

What New Year’s celebrations do you and your family have to get the new year started off right? My husband didn’t grow up with much of a New Year’s tradition in his family, so I’ve always felt like we’ve floundered a bit on this holiday. But now, with our first grandchild, I feel like we …

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