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May 18 2017

Heir of Rosings Park Ch 6

Mr. Collins has some surprising news in today’s chapter.   Find additional chapters HERE  Chapter 6 The clock chimed five o’clock and the table was set for dinner. And then it chimed six. Mary and Charlotte sat in the back parlor, looking at each other, or rather trying not to look at Mr. Collins. The …

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May 16 2017

Wedding Dresses in Jane Austen’s World

Though nearly all of Jane Austen’s works end with a wedding, she does not spend much time detailing the weddings themselves, much less the wedding dresses. Modern brides often spend a great deal of effort and money on the wedding dress and expect to wear it only once. Honestly, it is hard to imagine another …

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May 13 2017

Longbourn: Dragon Entail Deleted Scene

One of the fun and frustrating things about writing book is that sometimes you write scenes that don’t make it into the final version. Here’s one that didn’t. It originally fit it just before the Dragon Conclave scene, but after I wrote that scene, it seemed unnecessary. Still, it seems a shame to waste it! …

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May 11 2017

Heir of Rosings Park Ch 5

Mary find her patience tried this Sunday.   Find additional chapters HERE  Chapter 5 Sunday came, exactly as it did every week. Mary sat beside Charlotte at the front of the church, exactly as she did every week. The parishioners took their seats exactly as they did every week. The church looked exactly as it …

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May 04 2017

Heir of Rosings Park Ch 4

How will Fitzwilliam fair as the reign of the Queen of Rosings Park comes to an end?     Find additional chapters HERE  Chapter 4   Fitzwilliam navigated the narrow, steep servant’s stairway. Stray beams of light peeked through odd openings in the walls. Dust motes twinkled in the beams. Cobwebs dangled from the walls, reaching …

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