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Hurricane-1, Dragons-0

Why yes, the dragons are a bit delayed…  A number of you have asked about the status of Netherfield: Rogue Dragon. I said the book would be available Winter 2017. (foolish woman, tempting fate!) It’s record cold, we’ve even had snow on the Gulf Coast (along with a hurricane and an earthquake, thank you every much!) …

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Rising Waters: Hurricane Harvey and Singing the Wet Cat Blues

Eleven out of eleven cats agree, hurricanes–especially Hurricane Harvey–are not kitty cat weather.  In case you missed an earlier part, click HERE  The short drive to my sister’s house was surreal. In the nineteen years we’ve been in the house we’ve driven it hundreds of times, but never like this before. As we drove out, …

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Happy New Year! Welcome 2018

  What do you say to close out a year like 2017 and usher in a new year? Some  reflections on last year and looking ahead to 2018.   So well yeah… hmmm, what to say? To be honest this is the fourth time I’ve tried to start this new year post and I’ve hit …

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Rising Waters: Dry Shoes are Totally Underrated

You never realize how wonderful dry shoes are until Hurricane Harvey leaves you stuck wearing wet ones. In case you missed earlier installments: Rising Waters part 1 Risings Waters Part 2 Rising Waters Part 3 Somehow, I had hoped that dry shoes and clothes would change things more than they did. I was already tired …

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