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The Dawn of Aviation ~ Hot-Air Balloons by Heather King

  I’d like to welcome Heather King today as she related her most recent trip down the research rabbit hole. Who knew one could find hot air balloons down there!   When I start a new novel or even a blog post, I am prone to falling down research rabbit holes in the pursuit of …

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Camp followers in the long Georgian era by Jude Knight

I’d like to welcome Jude Knight today as she shares a fascinating article on the role of camp followers during the the Georgian and regency era. To our modern minds, it seems strange to think of civilians, including women and children, travelling into combat zones. Yet until the second half of the nineteenth century, civilians were an …

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Upheaval and the Push For Reform in the 1830s

Please welcome Caroline Warfield as she shares with us about the transition between the Regency and Victorian eras. Sometimes a lover of history backs into unexpected bits of fascinating facts. That is what happened when I decided to use the children of one series as the heroes of the next. Their ages forced me to …

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