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Vermin of the State: Bachelors of the Regency Era

Spinsters of the regency era did not have it easy, but neither did the bachelors. Regency society organized itself around marriage and family. Adults were identified by their place, or lack thereof, in a married, family unit. Married women were ranked higher and more respected than the unmarried. Married men were perceived as having come …

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A Country Parson’s Life by Brenda Cox

I’d like to welcome Brenda Cox today as she shares a fascinating article on a country parson’s life during the regency era. Country clergymen appear in each of Jane Austen’s novels. Some are satirized, like Mr. Collins of Pride and Prejudice and Mr. Elton of Emma. Others are men of integrity, like Edmund Bertram of Mansfield Park …

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Marriage Annulments in Jane Austen’s World

Marriage was a serious business in the regency. Divorce was nearly impossible to obtain, but what about annulments? What happened if a young person ‘married in haste’ but then repented of his or her decision? Annulment, when possible, was the best option to end a marriage since it did not carry the social stigma of a …

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To Love, Honor and OBEY in Jane Austen’s World

Though nearly all of Jane Austen’s works end with a love match and a wedding, she does not represent the prevailing attitudes about love and marriage of the day. What did regency marriages look like? Marrying for Love was Unlikely While love might have been on the minds of regency era couples, they generally expected …

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The Wedding Ceremony in Jane Austen’s World

So you want to plan a regency era themed wedding ceremony> You might want to think about it a little more. The Wedding Ceremony Unlike weddings today,  the regency era wedding ceremony was not widely attended events. Obviously the bride and groom, along with their witnesses, usually the bridesmaid and groomsman and the clergyman were …

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