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Mar 14 2017

What do Show Chickens have to do with Dragons? Everything!

It kind of goes without saying that historical fiction takes tons of research. Tons. Literally heaps and gobs of it. Great stacks and piles. I thought my doctoral dissertation took a lot of research. That was nothing in comparison to the thousands of pages I have read and saved on my hard drive. History=Research. OK. …

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Nov 10 2016

Sometimes the Dragons Win

On more than one occasion I’ve said that our family crest should feature a bulldog rather prominently.  They certainly aren’t the cutest or cuddliest of dogs–though I do think there’s something appealing about their smushy faces. They were originally bred to grab bulls by the nose and hold on. And if you can wrap your …

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Nov 03 2016

Regarding Tatzelwurms: Elizabeth’s Commonplace Book of Dragons

During the Regency Era, women kept journals called commonplace books where they recorded things they wanted to save. Not entirely unlike a Regency era pinterest account if you think about it. If a young Elizabeth Bennet grew up hearing and interacting with dragons, no doubt that would be reflected in her own commonplace book. So here …

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Oct 31 2016

Pemberley: Mr. Darcy’s Dragon, Ch 5

  In which we meet Longbourn, the resident estate dragon who jealously guards Miss Elizabeth’s honor. The book is available on all your favorite booksellers!   Click here to purchase on Amazon. Jane Austen’s Dragons, Book 1 Pemberley: Mr. Darcy’s Dragon Chapter 5 Bingley’s party returned from the ball in mixed spirits. Bingley declared he had never met with pleasanter …

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Oct 24 2016

Pemberley: Mr. Darcy’s Dragon, Ch 4

Dragons can’t possibly complicate the Meryton Assembly? Can they?   The book is available for preorder now, as a special price. Don’t miss out, it will go up when the book goes live on 10/31!   Click here to preorder.   Jane Austen’s Dragons, Book 1 Pemberley: Mr. Darcy’s Dragon Chapter 4 Papa was right on all counts. Mama …

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