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Regency Christmas Traditions: Special Days of the Holiday Season

  Each year it seems we complain that the holiday season begins earlier and earlier with some shops bringing out holiday goods even in the last months of summer.   The holiday calendar during the Regency era was a little more clearly defined, with a very predictable set of dates and events for celebration. Holiday …

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Regency Traditions Video: Make a Plum Pudding

  Though today’s video depicts 18th century methods, little changed about making plum pudding during the Regency Era.      18th Century Cooking with Jas Townsend and Son: Plum Pudding   Read more about plum pudding here. Read about the Bennet family’s Stir it Up Sunday here.  Read more about syllabub and other holiday foods …

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Regency Christmas Traditions: Stir up a Plum pudding

  Continuing on the theme of Regency Era Christmas traditions, the quintessential Christmas food, the plum pudding!      “Hallo! A great deal of steam! The pudding was out of the copper [boiler]. A smell like washing –day! That was the cloth [the pudding bag]. A smell like an eating house and a pastrycook’s next …

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Pride and Prejudice Christmas Scene: Stir it up Sunday

The Sunday before the Netherfield Ball was Stir it up Sunday, the day Christmas puddings were traditionally made. Mr. Collins makes it a bit interesting this year. Excerpt from Darcy & Elizabeth: Christmas 1811  November 24, 1811 Papa paced along his favorite track in the parlor, back and forth in front of the fireplace whilst …

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