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Regency Christmas Traditions: Black Butter

  Black butter was another traditional Christmastide treat. Jane Austen mentioned black butter in a letter to her sister. One might infer that she liked it on the whole, but was rather unimpressed with this particular batch of it.   December 27, 1808: The widgeon (a kind of duck) and the preserved ginger were as …

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Yorkshire Christmas Pie

I have often said the more things change the more they stay the same. Perusing period cookbooks brings this to mind all the time. Between just finishing up to Christmas novella, where the Christmas feast features prominently and getting ready for Thanksgiving ourselves, I’ve had my nose in a number of cookbooks, both historical and …

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Christmas Dinner…with dragons?

Peek into Longbourn:Dragon Entail, Book 2 in Jane Austen’s Dragons, with a most unusual Christmas dinner at Longbourn. Let me know what you think below–comments inspire me to write faster! I can’t promise  a publication date yet, but I’m looking at the end of first quarter 2017. Keeping fingers crossed!  If you missed the start of …

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Regency Traditions Video: Making Mince Pie

  Mince pie was a Twelfth Night staple, often made from the leftovers from Christmas dinner.     Making Mince Pie   Read more about syllabub and other holiday foods here. Read more about mince pie here.   If you enjoyed this post you might also enjoy:

Regency Traditions Video: Traditional English Christmas foods

  What was it like to prepare traditional English  Christmas foods in a Georgian kitchen?  Any why we’re wondering, just how long would it have taken?   Traditional English Christmas foods   Read more about plum pudding here. Read more about mince pies here. Read more about Yorkshire pie here. Read more about the Christmas …

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