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Regency Christmas Traditions: Christmas Pantomimes

Each year, Regency era British theaters prepared Christmas pantomimes (pantos) that would begin on Boxing Day and run as long as the audiences demanded them. These were not silent productions, but rather very verbal performances that included the audience as an extra character in plays bearing many similarities to modern burlesque.     Each year, …

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Pride and Prejudice Christmas Scene: Boxing Day Charity

A full month of posts to celebrate the Christmastide season. Stories, traditions, recipes, videos, games and a giveaway to fill your Yuletide with Regency Era fun. Click here for a list of all the previous posts. Now through the end of the month, I’ll be giving away e-book copies of all my books and short stories, …

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Regency Christmas Traditions: Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day

December 24th: Christmas Eve On Christmas Eve, the decorations and greenery were put up throughout the house. Bringing in greenery prior to Christmas eve was considered bad luck. Traditional greenery included holly, ivy, rosemary, evergreen, hawthorn and, bay leaf, laurel, and hellebore (Christmas rose). Christmas Rose Some households fashioned kissing boughs from evergreens and mistletoe, …

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