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Rising Waters: Hide from the wind, run from the water

There’s a saying in the gulf coast: Hide from the wind, run from the water. Hurricane Harvey took that to a totally new place. In case you missed earlier segments:  Rising Waters, part 1 Risings Waters Part 2 Rising Waters Part 3 Rising Waters Part 4    Just before bed, I checked the water levels—touching …

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Rising Waters: Dry Shoes are Totally Underrated

You never realize how wonderful dry shoes are until Hurricane Harvey leaves you stuck wearing wet ones. In case you missed earlier installments: Rising Waters part 1 Risings Waters Part 2 Rising Waters Part 3 Somehow, I had hoped that dry shoes and clothes would change things more than they did. I was already tired …

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Reason # 84 Why writing takes so long

#84 Binge Watching the Bird Channel   Writing is tough enough without distractions. One would think that with no young children at home, having the house to myself, it would be easy to sit down and get writing done. Yeah…no, not so much. When one has a houseful of cats, one has a houseful of …

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At the Huntington Beach JASNA AGM

October 5-8 the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Huntington Beach, California. Now that I’ve decoded all those mysterious letter, what does it all mean? Well, in short, just south of a thousand Janeites gathered to celebrate all things Austen. So what does one do at these things? …

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Such a good idea in my head: my Belle gown

Sometimes a project seems like a really good idea in your head. Then the reality turns out a little different. After last year’s ball, I came to the conclusion that I really needed another ball gown. Not needed as in “I really want another dress.’ but needed as in (1) Whoever thought trains on a …

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