Publish Snowbound for Valentine’s Day


If you’d like to see me publish Snowbound as a Valentine’s Day release, comment below. You’ll be entered in a giveaway for an e-copy of Snowbound in your prefered format. 

Therre were so many votes, I decided to give away 4 ebooks, not just one. Congratulations to L, Leslie Dougherty, Lynn Char and Julia Saenz, winners of the ‘when to publish’ giveaway.


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  1. Karen Hadley

    As a Valentine’s Day Release!

  2. Kathy Anderson

    Sounds like a lovely romance and what better release date than the holiday of Romance! Always good to have to wait a bit to satisfy our ‘desires’….

  3. Regina Silvia

    Seems like smart marketing to me to publish for Valentine’s Day!

  4. Julia Saenz

    In a marketing stand point, I think it would be best to delay the release of the book.
    J Saenz

  5. Michele Kallio

    I love your books and the idea of curling up with one on Valentine’s Day is exciting!

  6. Meg

    Since your dragon book 1 has been published recently and Valentines Day is not far off and very appropriate for this work, I vote for February 14 ❤️

  7. Mary

    Apologies-I left this comment with those I posted on ch.6.

    I think you should publish for Valentine’s Day.

    This is a unique premise- the Darcys,the Knightleys,the Elliotts and the dear Col.
    People love the Col. and want a HEA for him just as much as they do for Darcy and Lizzy.

    This new a day improved Elizabeth E,less proud,less prejudiced and indeed more humble will be a welcome surprise for readers.
    The fact that all these dearly beloved characters are snowbound will add to the tension and heighten the overall suspense.
    So yes,IMHO I think you should ready your book fur the loved up,romantic month of Feb.

  8. Deborah

    This work is definitely appropriate for a Valentine’s Day release.

  9. Jill Moore

    Valentine’s Day for sure!

  10. Marsha Lancaster

    Valentines Day would be Lovely

  11. Janet T

    I’m for a Valentine’s Day release! Romance is in the air! 😊

  12. Marsha Lancaster

    Valentines Day release would be a lovely treat!

  13. Rose Drew

    A Little Romance — what could be better for Cupid!

  14. 50of47

    Valentine’s Day publication sounds like a good idea. February is the doldrums of winter, and I think your readers would appreciate a new romance to brighten that month.

  15. Sharon Cline

    It is a hard choice, but I will enjoy having a new romance for Valentines to curly up with.

  16. Eva Edmonds

    How could we not see what happens to Colonel Fitzwilliam on Valentine’s Day? Plus, it would be wonderful to see how our other couples also react on this special lover’s day.

  17. Darle

    Although I’m anxiously waiting to read the whole book, it seems this is turning into quite a romance. Since I always am happy when the Colonel finds love, I can wait for Valentines Day for this romance to really unfold!

  18. Vesper Meikle

    Publish on Valentine’s Day

  19. Carol

    Love your books! Valentines Day would be perfect.

  20. Teresa Broderick

    Definitely Valentine’s Day. It would be lovely to read it on the day.

  21. Lynn Char

    As I do not generally celebrate Valentine’s Day with more than a card (if that), I think a fun, romantic book would be perfect ! Even a post Valentine’s Day read is good!

  22. Laura H

    I’ve enjoyed what you’ve shared with us so far. I’d love to read the entire story.

  23. Nancy Griggs

    I can wait!

  24. Theresa Jean Golematis

    I’d like you to wait until close to Valentine’s Day at least! Thank you so much for your amazing storytelling gifts to all of us JAFF “fanatics” LOL

  25. Judy

    Valentine’s Day would be perfect

  26. Lynda E.

    Valentine’s Day HEA for me!

  27. Pam Hunter

    Valentine’s Day works for me! <3

  28. Linda

    Valentine’s Day

    1. Linda

      Valentines Day

  29. Susan Blum

    As we get older we lose the light hearted spirit of the anxious, heady fun of having an first taste of love on Valentine’s day, when we read your story, we h ave a chance to relive again. Please wait and give us a chance to falls in love for the first time all o again.

  30. Amanda Frank

    Valentine’s Day. Gives us something to look forward to and us single ladies something to look forward to reading on Valentine’s Day.

  31. Megan

    Valentine’s Day so I have something fun to read since my love life is rather non-existent! And please keep listening to the dragons whispering in your ear as I can’t wait for the next book! Thanks!

  32. Sophia Rose

    I’ll add my vote for Valentine’s Day release. Its fitting, but also gives you time to do up a good release campaign.

  33. oloore

    I vote for delayed gratification:) And it is nice and kind of a present to have the book released on Valentine’s Day.

  34. Ann

    Yes please I am truly enjoying your posts on Snowbound and Valentine’s Day would be ideal for launch date.
    A suggestion would be I think to have some of your amazing folded paper roses brought in for the launch photographs .

  35. LAURA

    Valentine’s Day is better!!

  36. SandyC

    Would be lovely as a Valentine’s Day release!

  37. Eva Edmonds

    Rarely do we read about Colonel Fitzwilliam falling in love so this would be a wonderful Valentine release. Does Elizabeth change and does her father leave?

  38. Miriam

    Valentine’s Day isn’t so far away, and is certainly appropriate for a romance. This way, you also have a little more time to fully proofread/edit and make any revisions without rushing to meet a tight deadline. Looking forward to the complete story!

  39. Kathy Berlin

    I love the idea of Elizabeth growing in character. She is beginning to see her father for the fool he is.

  40. Ruth

    Ruth (more or less)

  41. Susanne Barrett

    Yes, a St. Valentine’s Day release would be lovely!! 🙂

    It will also give you more time for edits, etc. It’s also nice not to be rushed!

    Susanne 🙂

  42. Cristina

    I am enjoying reading the story as you post and therefore I would prefer to have it all on Valentine’s day. Nice little present from my dearest.
    Great story and we’ll written.

  43. Lisa

    It would be a nice idea to publish on valentines day!

  44. Sarah B

    It would make a nice change to have a love story for the colonel this Valentine’s Day.

  45. Beverly

    Valentine Release!!! ❤️💕

  46. Taswmom

    It is so close to Valentines Day, and this is so sweet, that I say make it a Valentine’s Day story!

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