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If you’d like to see me publish Snowbound as soon as it is ready, comment below. You’ll be entered in a giveaway for an e-copy of Snowbound in your prefered format. 

Therre were so many votes, I decided to give away 4 ebooks, not just one. Congratulations to L, Leslie Dougherty, Lynn Char and Julia Saenz, winners of the ‘when to publish’ giveaway.


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  1. Maria Grace

    Comment here to vote

    1. Catherine

      The idea of Valentine’s Day is excellent – and I would actually agree that waiting might be best IF this was December 5th. However, at this point we are so close that by the time you do publish it will still be a NEW RELEASE in February. Best of both worlds, all for one low price! 😉

    2. Carol

      Publish, publish, publish, please. Any book of yours that’s ready to publish is also ready to read. 😀

    3. Mary Dealing

      We don’t want to wait. Publish now!

    4. Katherine Schmitt

      Why not publish now and then do a separate advertising campaign for Valentine’s Day that points out some of the excellent reviews you may quite reasonably expect?

  2. kris

    I don’t want to wait. Publish now!

  3. Sandy Hutchins

    I am not a patient person, or so I’ve been told! Sooner the better for my vote

  4. Susan K.

    Yes, please, I want to read the rest of it as soon as possible!

  5. Karen

    Absolutely!! Can’t wait.

  6. Patti Cook

    Can’t wait to read it!!!

  7. Mari

    I want it as soon as is possible. I really love these crossover stories, and this one is so delightful, that I am always sorry when a chapter ends. I also like the change in Elizabeth Elliott. It’s nice to see the new improved version, who has learned some hard lessons.

  8. Ann Stone

    Please, please publish as soon as possible. It may not make much difference in the actual date, being near valentines day, but as with a lot of your readers patience is not a virtue. Best wishes

  9. Ruth Willmore

    Don’t make us wait! I’d love to read this asap!

  10. Annell Neale

    I love your work and would love to read your next book asap.

  11. Joanne Lynch

    I love the story so far and am excited to find out what happens. Thanks for the GREAT story.

  12. Me

    Too much of a good thing is never enough – or too soon…

  13. Barbara Love

    I can never wait for a new book to read – publish as soon as possible!

  14. Madenna Urbanski

    Publishing often will always be my vote!

  15. StephanieL

    I don’t see any need to wait until Valentine’s Day. It’s just a commercial holiday on a random Tuesday. The book is a winter story anyway, not a Valentine’s Story. We all need love and HEA every day of the week! 🙂 Besides, I’m greedy. More books NOW. LOL Love your work.

  16. tgruy

    As soon as possible is a lot better!

  17. Ana Sofia Soares

    I also vote for publish now… By the way, are you thinking of publishing in Kobo too? It’s the reader I have, and it’s much better than reading through Kindle on my tablet… 😉

  18. Carole in Canada

    The way I see it, publish as soon as possible, so you can really focus on writing your next book!!!! Please…and thank you!

  19. Maria

    I don’t want to wait. Publish now!

  20. Esther Stuart

    My children are nagging me for more dragon stories, so the sooner you get this one off your plate the sooner we get to see dear not-so-little Pemberley settled in her new home.
    Congratulations by the way.
    It’s a good feeling to have finished something. One I rarely have… 🙁
    Happy NEw Year.

  21. Marina

    Agree, now is the best option:) don’t really care about 14th of February as a holiday, it is too commercialised for my liking to have any meaning left, so as soon as the book is ready would be great. Both my daughter and i loved the dragons and the AU you have created!

  22. Joline

    I never like to wait for new books since I go through so many so quickly. I look forward to this one.

  23. Monica P

    I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day but I am a big fan of your books so I vote go ahead and publish. 🙂

  24. Jules Moskowitz

    Those who want to wait until Valentine’s Day, still can. WQhy punish those of us who cannot wait. Publish ASAP p;ease/

  25. Jane B.

    This is so unique and fun that I can’t wait to read the whole book.

  26. Sara

    Now, please! This polar vortex is killing me!!!

  27. Andrea

    Definitely as soon as it’s ready!

  28. denise holcomb

    When it’s ready

  29. NovElla

    Congratulations! I hope you publish soon 🙂

  30. Mary-Kate Bourn

    Would love to read it all, now, please!

  31. Elisabeth

    Please publish now. Valentine’s Day can have it’s own celebration when it comes.

  32. Joanne Lynch

    I love the story and would hate to wait–PLEASE publish it now. It is so good to see Elizabeth in this predicament, I have actually grown to like her. Thank you for this……….

  33. Mari

    Publish please. Waiting is hell when a story is as delightful as this one. More mashups please. They make such wonderful reading. I would so love to see Sir Walter going at it hammer and tongs with Lady Catherine. That would be an argument for the ages, but I am pretty sure she would win hands down and he would scurry into a corner with his Gower’s complection cream, and his tail between his legs.

  34. June

    Please publish quickly. This is a wonderful tale that needs to be held onto and reread!

  35. Carol hoyt

    I, personally, think it should be published when finished and when you feel it is ready .
    It’s always a good day when you have another book released!

  36. Cheryl

    Publish as soon as possible! I am captivated by the story and want to read the entire missive as soon as possible!!

  37. DarcyBennett

    I think you should publish as soon as it’s ready. I think it’s close enough to Valentine’s Day that there is no reason to delay it. Also, the stores already have the Valentine’s Day items out so it would be like that, setting the mood that quickly goes away as soon as the holiday day passes.

  38. Leslie Dougherty

    It’s close enough to Valentine’s Day by now. Besides, everyone has finished reading their Christmas-themed stories by now!

  39. Audrey Reed

    I am always starved for something to read, and I always love everything you write. I think you should publish now and write something else for next month (no pressure). “)

  40. Carmelita DeJesus

    Please publish ASAP! Love the story ! I didnt like Elizabeth in Persuasion but you’ve got me “persuaded” that she deserves a happily ever after too!

  41. Martha Claycomb

    I’m so excited to see what happens and I want instant gratification. Publish as soon as it’s finished! I LOVE this Elizabeth Elliott.

  42. Sheree

    Don’t leave us in suspense any longer. Publish now.

    1. Sheree

      Don’t leave us in suspense. Publish now.

  43. Amanda Matthews

    I love stories in which an author considers the situation of lesser characters who were all but ignored by Jane Austen. There have been several good stories based on Mary or Kitty Bennet, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen an author who considered the devastating humiliation Elizabeth Elliot must have experienced after everything that happened to her in Bath. It has been such a delight to see her response to that experience. To see how that experience must have changed her, given her a desire to become a different person with a different future than what she was beginning to see. I am very eager to read the rest of her journey as quickly as possible, so I beg you to publish this book now rather than making us wait another month.

  44. Marina

    I have some reservations about this softer version of Elizabeth and her feeling about ppl around her, but i suppose living with her father would colour her view of the world around her quite a bit. Thank you for story, i love persuasion and there are not many variations around for me to read:)

  45. Nancy Duell

    Love Persuasion and any stories involved with the characters. Not enough to satisfy. Please publish asap. I cant wait to read it beginning to end.😃

  46. L

    Publish it’s a great story and your readers will love it.

  47. Carla Elliott

    Please publish as soon as possible. It is delightful and I can’t wait to finish it.

  48. Michelle

    …as soon as it’s ready. Don’t people look for gifts BEFORE the occasion? 🙂

  49. Hollis

    As soon as you can please.

  50. Vikki

    Please publish as soon as it is ready. I am enjoying this story and would like to see the outcome and not have to wait another month. I hope we will have a chance to see Ann Elliot as she is one of my all time favorite Austen characters.

  51. Teresa

    I seem to devour everything you write. And can hardly wait till your next new release. Ao the sooner the better. Thanks

  52. Lisa

    I am enjoying the story very I have. If you publish it sooner, it won’t get eclipsed by all the valentines books. Whenever you publish, I am buying it!

  53. Agnes

    Well, if you feel it’s ready I don’t think you must wait – as others said, Valentine’s Day is close enough. Don’t rush it though, if you feel it needs more work.

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