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A Jane Austen Christmas-Preview

Celebrating a Jane Austen Christmas   Each year the holiday season seems to begin earlier and earlier. Complaints about holiday excesses and longings for ‘simpler’ and ‘old fashioned’ holiday celebrations abound. But what exactly does an ‘old fashioned Christmas’ really look like? Many Christmas traditions and images of ‘old fashioned’ holidays are based on Victorian …

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Darcy’s Decision Preview

 Chapter 1 Early spring, 1812 They are gone … The first fiery rays of daybreak blazed behind the marble cherubim guarding the graves.  Despair contorted Darcy’s face, threatening to defeat his last fragile threads of control. He gulped in the morning mist, fists balled, arms shaking. Ragged gasps tore from his chest; he opened his eyes …

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The Future Mrs. Darcy Preview

 Chapter 1 Early Spring, 1812 It is a truth universally acknowledged that wherever men in red coats gather, foolish young women follow. The militia regiment had arrived in Meryton a week ago, and it was high time for them to be introduced to the community. The mayor, Sir William Lucas, well known among his neighbors …

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All the Appearance of Goodness Preview

 Chapter 1 Mothers of young ladies universally agree. A great fault exists in the management of young men’s education when one receives all the goodness while another, all the appearance of it.  Late Spring 1812  Darcy closed his book and peered through the carriage windows. They had made Meryton in good time, just before the …

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Twelfth Night at Longbourn Preview

What is right to be done cannot be done too soon, particularly when wrong has already been done. December 15, 1811 Chapter 1 Elizabeth rose and glided to her husband’s side. The soft rustle of her skirts and the scratch of his pen filled the otherwise quiet room. She stood behind him and waited. He …

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Remember the Past Preview

Chapter 1   Everyone has a past. Oftentimes it behooves one to think of the past only as its remembrance gives one pleasure.     “I do not see how you can disagree. Truly, I do not.” Lady Catherine’s features settled into the familiar expression of a school mistress who knew best: lips pressed tight, …

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Mistaking Her Character Preview

 Chapter 1   The butler ushered them into the parlor. It should have been called her throne room; an overstuffed palatial chamber in which she held court, dispensing her opinions upon anyone she lured or trapped within.  “The Bennets, madam.” The butler bowed and left, giving Elizabeth one last twitch of his eye as he …

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    Hey I am having trouble viewing anythings on your site (outside the main pages). It takes me to a page and wants and email address and password. Am I missing something?

    1. Maria Grace

      I’ve worked on the issue again and I think I have it worked out. There were some squirrelly links on some of the main pages and I think I have them corrected now. Thanks so much for letting me know.

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