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The Shocking Lyrics of Lavender’s Blue

Sometimes you run into some really interesting bits when you fall down the research rabbit hole. Not infrequently, the delicious little tidbits don’t fit the story you’re trying to write, but they deserve to be shared nonetheless. Here’s the latest offering. So, picture the scene: I was just minding my own business, looking for a …

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Upheaval and the Push For Reform in the 1830s

Please welcome Caroline Warfield as she shares with us about the transition between the Regency and Victorian eras. Sometimes a lover of history backs into unexpected bits of fascinating facts. That is what happened when I decided to use the children of one series as the heroes of the next. Their ages forced me to …

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What do Show Chickens have to do with Dragons? Everything!

It kind of goes without saying that historical fiction takes tons of research. Tons. Literally heaps and gobs of it. Great stacks and piles. I thought my doctoral dissertation took a lot of research. That was nothing in comparison to the thousands of pages I have read and saved on my hard drive. History=Research. OK. …

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Guest post: Canada’s Troubled Road to Democracy

I am delighted to host Elaine Cougler today, talking about Canada’s troubled road to democracy. In our modern world, Canada is known far and wide as a democracy and, dare I say it (I’m Canadian), a dream of a country to live in. Modeled after the British parliamentary system with a figurehead monarch providing much …

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