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Not a typo—I really meant Nuncheon

On more than one occasion I’ve had a well-meaning reader point out to me a ‘typo’ that wasn’t. I’ll be the first to admit, my typing is less than perfect and typos get by me sometimes. But every once in awhile, I actually typed a weird looking word right.  The word in question is a …

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The Development of Transportation by Barbara Gaskell Denvil

                                                      I’d like to welcome Barbara Gaskell Denvil today as she shares a fascinating article on the development of transportation.   A fundamental requirement for the freedom of humanity, is the need to move, and to move over varying distances. Yet, somewhat surprisingly it took a very long time for us to invent an …

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Marginal Cats by Cait Reynolds

 I’d like to welcome my friend Cait Reynolds today as she takes us along for a trip down the research rabbit hole finding cats in the margins. I’ve heard it said that the more thing change, the more they stay the same, and I’m pretty convinced it’s true.  Though I write historical fiction that reflects …

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Don’t serve your coffee from a chocolate pot!

What makes a chocolate pot different from a teapot or coffee pot?   Because anything induced by chocolate MUST be a good idea, its time for another chocolate-induced dive down the research rabbit hole! Just to refresh your memory a bit, during the regency era, there were three particular luxury drinks: tea, coffee and chocolate. …

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Chocolate cups and trembleuse saucers

What makes chocolate cups different from teacups or coffee cups? It’s been a rough month around here. My father’s had a major health crisis that resulted in three hospitalizations in as many weeks. He had surgery, then had complications and his complications had complications, literally.  How does one cope with such things? Chocolate. In frequent, …

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