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Regency Christmas Traditions: Twelfth Night Revelries

  Who can resist a holiday party? During the Regency era, the party of the year would generally be held on Twelfth Night.   Twelfth Night Revels Epiphany or Twelfth Night (Jan 5 or 6 depending on who was counting) was the exciting climax of the Christmastide season and a time for putting away social …

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Regency Traditions Video: Traditional English Christmas foods

  What was it like to prepare traditional English  Christmas foods in a Georgian kitchen?  Any why we’re wondering, just how long would it have taken?   Traditional English Christmas foods   Read more about plum pudding here. Read more about mince pies here. Read more about Yorkshire pie here. Read more about the Christmas …

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Regency Christmas Traditions: Mince Pie and Twelfth Night Pie

Traditional foods are always an important part of any celebration. Every family and every culture has certain dishes that speak of holidays and festivities would be incomplete without them. This was as true in the Regency era as it is today. Mince pie was a dish that helped define the season. During the Regency, most …

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Pride and Prejudice Christmas Scene: First Footer at Longbourn

Mr. Bingley and his party have left Netherfield. Jane has gone to London with the Gardiners, but Mr. Bennet is determined to observe his New Year’s customs as usual. They all hope for a propitious first footer. Excerpt from: Darcy & Elizabeth: Christmas 1811 December 31, 1811. “Hurry along now, hurry along.” Papa ushered Kitty …

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Regency Christmas Traditions: Ringing in the New Year

A number of traditions formed for celebrating the new year. Some varied by region or county. Family traditions for good luck prevailed over general social convention.  Some families gathered whomever was in the house in a circle before midnight. At the stroke of midnight, the head of the family would open the door and usher out …

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