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Christmas Pantomimes

Each year, Regency era British theaters prepared Christmas pantomimes (pantos) that would begin on Boxing Day and run as long as the audiences demanded them. These were not silent productions, but rather very verbal performances that included the audience as an extra character in plays bearing many similarities to modern burlesque. The Pantomime Tradition The …

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Christmas Post Index

After writing 5 (!) Christmas books, I’ve managed to fill Random Bits of Fascination with a plethora of Regency era Christmas treats. Here’s a Master Index of the offerings for your holiday reading pleasure.  (Posts marked New 2017 may not be up until later this month.) Christmas Scenes Stir it Up Sunday The Mumper’s Blessing …

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Pride and Prejudice Christmas Scene: Creaming the Well

Excerpt from From Admiration to Love January 1, 1814 Early on New Year’s Day, Fitzwilliam made his way down to the morning room. There was something about the start of a new year that demanded rising early and reflecting upon what had been and what might be. It might be a custom unique to him, …

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Yorkshire Christmas Pie

I have often said the more things change the more they stay the same. Perusing period cookbooks brings this to mind all the time. Between just finishing up to Christmas novella, where the Christmas feast features prominently and getting ready for Thanksgiving ourselves, I’ve had my nose in a number of cookbooks, both historical and …

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Christmas as Jane Austen Knew It

 Many Christmas traditions and images of ‘old fashioned’ holidays are based on Victorian celebrations. Going back just a little further, to the beginning of the 19th century, the holiday Jane Austen knew would have looked distinctly odd to modern sensibilities. What would have been odd about them? Families rarely decorated Christmas trees. Festivities centered on …

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