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The Regency Interpreter looks at Jane Austen’s Persuasion, part 1

I am starting a new Regency Interpreter’s series on  Persuasion. Before I start on the 1995 movie, I wanted to spend a few moments defending Lady Russell, on her role in Anne and Wentworth’s initial break up.  To be honest, I think Lady Russell is a rather unpopular character with modern audiences who blame her …

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A Little Colorful Language: Fools and their Ways

Since I am a writer, language captivates me, especially in the way it relates to a culture. With three teen aged sons living at home I get to hear a lot of the slang they encounter.  I never cease to be fascinated by the terms that come up, and how often I haven’t a clue …

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Curious Georgian Entertainments by Grace Elliot

Join me in welcoming my friend Grace Elliot on her blog tour for her latest release, The Ringmaster’s Daughter. My latest release, The Ringmaster’s Daughter, is set in a Georgian pleasure garden. This was a place of entertainment where, then as now, the public flocked to see the unusual and curious. From exotic animals to …

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Mistress of the manor: Lady of leisure or Full time working mom?

Period dramas have left many of us with the notion that ladies of the landed gentry in the Regency era had little to do but dress in lovely gowns, embroider and gossip.  Reality could not be farther from this image. In general, both master and mistress of the manor did a great deal of work …

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Gentlemen, Gentry and Regency Era Social Class

During the Regency era social class played a huge role in all aspects of life. Birth was a key factor in determining one’s social standing. For some, especially the eldest son and heir, their standing was established with an inherited title and fortune.  For others, especially younger sons, inheritance of  land or fortune and occupation …

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