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Heir of Rosings Park Chapter 14

Fitzwilliam tries to have a talk with Michaels. Find additional chapters HERE  Chapter 14 Fitzwilliam eyed his valet from the corner of his eye. The man was fussing with something in the closet, again. But what was he doing? Ever since yesterday when Miss Bennet complained the man had been seeking her advice, Fitzwilliam could …

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Heir of Rosings Park Chapter 13

Mary examines her options…and herself.   Find additional chapters HERE  Chapter 13 Her cheek burned where he had touched her. She pressed her palm to her face, but even the cool touch did nothing to alleviate the sensation. Insolent, arrogant, disagreeable man. ! How dare he touch her like that, uninvited? Family he might be, …

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Heir of Rosings Park Chapter 12

Mary finds herself much sought after as Colonel Fitzwilliam installs her at Rosings Park.   Find additional chapters HERE  Chapter 12 Several hours later, the butler ushered her into the manor. His real name was Barkley, but the colonel had taken to calling him Small Tom. Sadly, the man looked more like a small Tom …

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Understanding Dragon Types: Dragon types and Bird Types

Peek into Elizabeth Bennet’s world of dragons through her commonplace book as she seeks to understand dragon types.  If you missed the start of grown up Elizabeth’s adventure with dragons, check out this post . If you missed the first installment in Elizabeth’s Commonplace Book, you can find it here.   September 1801   Mama’s urgent errand …

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Heir of Rosings Park Chapter 11

In which Mary has a very strong opinion.   Find additional chapters HERE  Chapter 11 Icy, prickly cold descended in Charlotte’s little parlor. The kind of cold that frequented Longbourn when Papa had a bad day. The kind of cold that sent Lydia and Kitty running for cover and Mama making him tea with a …

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