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Persuasion 200: Lady Russell Decides to Persuade Anne

In the absence of Lady Elliot, Lady Russell takes it upon herself to advise Anne on her engagement. But first she must come to terms with her advice herself. Lady Russell dismissed her maid and sank down on the chair at her dressing table. Another curl, another tuck, none of it would make her feel …

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Happy Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s day, I thought I’d share my favorite proposal scene from my Given Good Principles series, Mary Bennet and her beau, curate, Mr. Pierce.   Don’t forget to enter for the audiobook giveaway by commenting on Monday’s post. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A door clattered. “I see Hill. I need her to make my tea. I must …

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Thomas Bennet reflects on the marriage of his daughters

My latest addition to P&P 200. What might Mr. Bennet be thinking about losing two daughters at once? Published November 14, 2012 | By Maria Grace Thomas Bennet was not by his nature a reflective man. Reflection tended to bring on discomfort and discontent, neither of which he favored. But his house—and his life—were in …

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The Extensive Musings of Mr. Collins on the Occasion of his Cousin’s Wedding

An interesting bit of musing to add to P&P 200. Who knew what went on in Mr. Collins’ mind before his cousins married? Breakfast should have been a quiet affair, but it seemed few meals were at Lucas Lodge. Mr. Collins squeezed his temples. So much banal chatter soured his stomach and ruined his appetite. …

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A sisterly conversation | Austen Authors

What would the Bennet sisters have to say to each other before their lives change forever? My first offering to the P&P200 project ***** The evening turned cold quickly and they all retreated upstairs somewhat earlier than usual. Elizabeth and Jane withdrew to Jane’s room. They sat together on the bed heaped high with pillows. …

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