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Sep 14 2017

A Less Agreeable Man: Deleted Scene #1

Writers have a saying, ‘You have to kill your darlings’, which means stuff gets cut in the editing process. It’s tough, but it has to be done.  Scenes get cut for number of different reasons. This one suffered the axe when I applied the ‘does it make a difference’ test. In other words, if I …

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Aug 03 2017

Heir of Rosings Park Chapter 17

How much will Fitzwilliam’s temper with Lady Catherine cost him?   Find additional chapters HERE  Chapter 17 Fitzwilliam straightened his jacket and followed his guests from the dining room to the parlor. Miss Bennet would surely reprimand him if he said it, but Aunt Catherine’s absence at dinner had aided his digestion considerably. Miss Bennet’s …

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Jul 27 2017

Heir of Rosings Park Chapter 16

What is one to do when surrounded by stubborn men?   Find additional chapters HERE  Chapter 16 Mary sprang to her feet, her chair clattering to the floor. She dashed from the room, the screeching guiding her to the corridor outside the colonel’s study. Lady Catherine stood in the middle of the hall, in her …

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Jul 20 2017

Heir of Rosings Park Chapter 15

Charlotte expresses her concerns–and Mary is not happy.   Find additional chapters HERE  Chapter 15 A fortnight later, Mary saw Parkes out of her ‘office’ and closed the door behind her, pressing her back against the cool wood. A soft breeze whispered through the open windows, wafting in the scent of fresh grass with a …

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Jul 13 2017

Heir of Rosings Park Chapter 14

Fitzwilliam tries to have a talk with Michaels. Find additional chapters HERE  Chapter 14 Fitzwilliam eyed his valet from the corner of his eye. The man was fussing with something in the closet, again. But what was he doing? Ever since yesterday when Miss Bennet complained the man had been seeking her advice, Fitzwilliam could …

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