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Mar 21 2017

Dangerous, even deadly: Teething in Jane Austen’s World

 Anyone who has dealt with young children knows the misery teething can bring, not just to the baby, but the entire household. Modern parents expect teething to begin at about five months, ushering in fussiness, sleep disruption and drooling, but nothing more difficult or dangerous than that. Twenty four hundred years ago, though, Hippocrates warned …

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Mar 04 2017

Regency Medicine: Betwixt and Between by Kyra Cornelius Kramer

I’d like to welcome Kyra Kramer today as she shares a fascinating article on Regency Medicine and how it was more medieval than modern. There would be significant changes in health care in the later decades of the 1800s, with the emergence of germ theory producing biomedicine as we would recognize it by the Edwardian age. …

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Feb 21 2017

Providing for young ladies’ future in Jane Austen’s World

How did dowries provide for a young woman’s future? A Woman’s Dowry Though Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. Bennet referred to dowries as “bribes to worthless young men to marry his daughters,” dowries were more commonly considered a means by which a responsible family compensated a husband for their daughter’s lifelong upkeep. How’s that for a romantic notion?  Dowries …

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Feb 07 2017

Marriage and Coverture in Jane Austen’s World

It’s hard to believe how different women’s lives were in Austen’s day. Marriage and coverture, a legal concept, effectively took away her personhood. The Concept of Coverture In 1765, William Blackstone presented a common man’s language interpretation of English law. He explained the law’s approach to women’s legal existence and rights in marriage which remained largely unchanged until the …

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Feb 04 2017

A Touch of Consumption by Kyra Cornelius Kramer

I’d like to welcome Kyra Kramer today as she shares a fascinating article on consumption–known today as tuberculosis–during the regency era. Medical anthropology is the study of how culture frames health, illness, and medicine. Since cultures change over time, you can also look at medical anthropology from a historical perspective. For example, the way British …

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