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He opened his mouth and stupid fell out

 What do you do when someone opens their mouth and stupid falls out? So, yeah, we recently had a doozy of a week. You know the kind where you seem to get hit by stuff on all sorts of fronts—some that seemed to appear out of nowhere just to keep things ‘interesting’ in the ancient …

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Reason #64 Why writing takes so long

#64 Crazy Stalkers      Ever have the feeling that you’re being watched? I certainly do. Twelve shiny eyes seem to follow me around the house, wherever I go. Even if I close a door behind me, pink jellybean toes reach for me as high pitched voices cry out in anguish at my absence. In …

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Reason #22 Why writing takes so long

#22 Getting the Details Right   It isn’t hard to find online comments about the adorable pink jellybean toes our kitty-friends sport. (And yeah, they are utterly adorable–especially when they have freckles on their toes like one of my kitties does. Those are the cutest things ever! I digress though.) Have you ever noticed just …

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Rising Waters: Hurricane Harvey and Singing the Wet Cat Blues

Eleven out of eleven cats agree, hurricanes–especially Hurricane Harvey–are not kitty cat weather.  In case you missed an earlier part, click HERE  The short drive to my sister’s house was surreal. In the nineteen years we’ve been in the house we’ve driven it hundreds of times, but never like this before. As we drove out, …

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New Year’s Celebrations with Old Fashioned Style

New Year's Celebrations 2017

What New Year’s celebrations do you and your family have to get the new year started off right? My husband didn’t grow up with much of a New Year’s tradition in his family, so I’ve always felt like we’ve floundered a bit on this holiday. But now, with our first grandchild, I feel like we …

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