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Jun 03 2017

Reason # 88 Why writing takes so long

#88 Critique Group Feedback             So. Much. Judgment. One traditional way of improving your writing is through the use of critique groups. The idea is pretty simple. You give your writing to other writers and they tell you what you’ve done well. And what you’ve done wrong. Mostly that. Don’t get …

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May 06 2017

Reasons # 38: Why writing takes so long

cat naps

#38 Cat Naps     People ask all the time, how long does it take to write a book. I always reply it depends on a great deal of things like how much research needs to be done, how active the muse is, what’s going on with the family and the cats… Always the cats. Ever …

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Mar 28 2017

Set for Spring 2017

I feel a bit like a Regency romance heroine–a weekend of doing nothing but dancing and flirting with my Mr. Darcy. That in a nutshell was the Set for Spring weekend this year.   Perhaps I should pause a moment and explain. My Mr. Darcy and I belong to our local traditional dance society. Each spring …

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Mar 14 2017

What do Show Chickens have to do with Dragons? Everything!

It kind of goes without saying that historical fiction takes tons of research. Tons. Literally heaps and gobs of it. Great stacks and piles. I thought my doctoral dissertation took a lot of research. That was nothing in comparison to the thousands of pages I have read and saved on my hard drive. History=Research. OK. …

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Jan 24 2017

If you Give a Teen a Classic…

If you give a teen a Jane Austen classic book… they will be dying to know more! If you give a teen (or a group of them) a Jane Austen classic book, they will be dying to know more. And if they are dying to know more, they will find a Janeite to tell them …

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