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George and Anne Darcy’s Story

25 years earlier I have never been more alone. George Darcy sat in his study, staring into his coffee cup. The warmth of the cracking fire did nothing to dispel the cold in his heart. He considered putting it out, the darkness somehow more appealing than the light. Eight weeks ago, Anne returned from four …

The Rawlses Visit Longbourn

The Rawlses Visit Longbourn Spring 1795 Fanny Bennet, the mistress of Longbourn, sat in her favorite chair in the parlor. How good it felt to get off her feet for a moment. Thankfully, she had just checked off the last of her morning list. So much to do to prepare for the dinner party tonight! …

Of Kympton Parish

Early spring 1814, Pemberley estate, Derbyshire A petite young woman stood silhouetted against the rising sun.  Her warm woolen coat hid her increasing belly to all but the most observant witnesses. The morning mist caressed her face, welcoming her into the quiet church yard.  From the window of the grey stone parish church, her observer …

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