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Name: Maria Grace
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I am a wife, mother and former college professor turned novelist. The fourth book in my first series released. in December 2013.

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Aug 15 2017

One Less Lemon Brownie

I posted this article article about this time last year. Just a few days ago I got another one of ‘those calls,’ so it seemed fitting to revisit these lemon brownies My youngest turned eighteen this week and my grandbaby turned one month old. Time for a family celebration! My youngest is a low-key kind …

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Aug 12 2017

Marginal Cats by Cait Reynolds

 I’d like to welcome my friend Cait Reynolds today as she takes us along for a trip down the research rabbit hole finding cats in the margins. I’ve heard it said that the more thing change, the more they stay the same, and I’m pretty convinced it’s true.  Though I write historical fiction that reflects …

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Aug 10 2017

Heir of Rosings Park Title Poll

Weigh in on the publishing title for The Heir of Rosings Park   Find Preview chapters HERE   The good news is that The Heir of Rosings Park now has a launch date! Mark your calendars for August 31! Just three weeks from now! (Yikes, that isn’t much time, is it? Ahhh!) Sorry about that, I’m …

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Aug 08 2017

To Love, Honor and OBEY in Jane Austen’s World

Though nearly all of Jane Austen’s works end with a love match and a wedding, she does not represent the prevailing attitudes about love and marriage of the day. What did regency marriages look like? Marrying for Love was Unlikely While love might have been on the minds of regency era couples, they generally expected …

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Aug 05 2017

Reason #49 Why writing takes so long

#49 Ghost Writers      Most writers would have you believe that they do their own work. That each precious word on the page came from their own hand. But the ugly truth is that their are ghost writers out there. No, they don’t run about in white flowing sheets with cut outs for the …

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