Elizabeth’s First Dragon journey


Peek into Elizabeth Bennet’s world of dragons through her commonplace book of dragon experiences. Today she takes her first dragon journey with her father on official Blue Order Business.

 If you missed the start of grown up Elizabeth’s adventure with dragons, check out THIS POST. If you missed the first installment in Elizabeth’s Commonplace Book, you can find it HERE.

August 1801  

I am supposed to be packing my carpetbag to leave in just an hour—I should not be stopping to write. But I cannot help it. I must capture my excitement on paper lest it get the better of me in the carriage, and I drive Papa to distraction.

Papa just told me I am to accompany him on Blue Order business today! Blue Order business! He said I am finally big enough to be of use on such a trip and to be able to conduct myself in such a way to be a credit to him and to the Order! For years, he has traveled on such endeavors but always left me to wonder what he might do on these travels. Now, I shall finally know. 

I guess all my studies of dragon etiquette and the like have finally paid off! I have been ever so diligent this year, I can hardly believe my good fortune!  I fear Mary will be jealous, but she is far too young to travel, she is only nine. Jane does not seem interested in traveling, so that is good, I would hate for her to feel bad in the wake of my good fortune. I am sure, now that mama has dismissed the nursery maid, Lydia will keep Jane so happily occupied she will hardly notice that I am gone.

Mama does not approve of me going, though, but I am hardly surprised. I think she would rather travel with Papa herself. She likes to meet new people. Perhaps if we had a governess, she would go with him, but I heard Papa say there is no money for one. Mama was not happy to hear that. Besides, even if she went with him, since she cannot hear dragons and knows nothing of the Blue Order, she would be little help to him.

I suppose, it is a bit unkind of me to be so happy about the journey. The reason I am going is to copy documents for Papa. His hands hurt him too much to write, and there will be much writing on this trip. That is what finally convinced Mama I should be allowed to go instead of Jane who is the eldest and should receive such privleges—my hand is much neater than hers.

I should feel bad that Papa is hurting, and truly, I do. Still though, is it wrong to be excited to travel to a place I have not seen before and meet a new dragon?  

We are going to Loxdale Green to meet with Mr. Oliver Garland, an apothecary with a shop by the name of Bedlow’s. Hmmm, perhaps he might now some sort of herb that will be helpful for Papa’s pains. I will have to ask him about it. I am sure Papa will not. He does not like to talk about his problems.

Papa says Mr. Garland found some genealogies in the attic of his shop that are of interest to the Order. Papa must examine the texts, and if he deems them genuine, I am to copy them. Then, they will be bound and added to the genealogies of the library of the Blue Order. He has already warned me three times that my copies must be very neat and entirely free from mistakes or I will have to do them over and over again to get them right. He was very stern about that.

But I do not mind. The thought that something I have penned will be in the Blue Order library is reward enough to make me want to do a very good job of it. I might be the youngest scribe to have ever written anything for the order. There is no way to tell for sure, but the idea is very pleasing nonetheless. I do not think I will tell Papa, though, he might find me prideful.

The journey is only four hour ride by coach, but it is the farthest away from home I have ever been. Mama does not think travel to small towns to be of much value. There are few people of significance to meet in them, she says. But I am sure she would feel differently if she knew of dragons and the chance to meet them!

Then again, Mr. Garland’s dragon is only a minor drake and a very young one as I understand. He is not the sort that Mama would be likely to find important enough to meet. She would probably insist upon meeting only the major dragons in a region! I cannot image what would happen if she did, though. Papa still has not introduced me to Longbourn. He fears it will be too much for me. He wants me to meet more small dragons first, to prepare me, I suppose. But I still do not quite understand why.

Oh! He is calling and I have still not packed. I must hurry! 

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    • Glynis on January 18, 2018 at 5:56 am
    • Reply

    How exciting for Elizabeth. I hope she enjoys the trip and doesn’t have to spend the whole time bent over the books, writing and ‘re writing.
    I’m really looking forward to reading these books and hope both Darcy and Elizabeth don’t take up to the last chapter to realise how essential each is to the other! I also hope Mr Collins and Mr Wickham are dealt with appropriately. But then I’m sure you wouldn’t torment me too much Maria 🙂

    1. I don’t like to torment anyone too much–just the right amount! LOL I actually don’t know what will happen to Collins and Wickham at this point even though I have just about everything else worked out. I may ended up as surprised as you in the end! 8)

    • Anji on January 18, 2018 at 10:45 am
    • Reply

    This ancilliary text to the main series is such a lot of fun. Seeing Elizabeth growing into her role as a Dragon Keeper is fantastic, as is the Dragon Index that you posted the other day. Can’t get enough of your Regency dragon world!

    1. YOung Elizabeth kept nagging me until I had to give in and write her tales. She’s quit the little handful, isn’t she?

    • J. W. Garrett on January 18, 2018 at 11:15 am
    • Reply

    Delightful post. I have read both books and loved, Loved, LOVED them. OMG! This universe that you created is magnificent. I love the dragons and their set of rules and etiquette. This Elizabeth is still young and in the books she is older and has grown into her power and expertise with the dragons.

    I was amazed at the minute detail that you went into to bring this universe to us. Such small things that made it so real… amazing… simply amazing. I fell in love with the dragon characters. I am concerned about their welfare and their griefs and anxiety about future dealings. You have made me care and I love that about these stories. Thank you for writing these books and I wish you the best as you prepare the third book. I know ‘things’ have gotten in the way of its launch; however, I will wait patiently until it is finished. Thanks again for these excerpts. They tend to assuage my desire for all things dragon. Thank you and blessings on all your hard work.

    1. Thank you JW. It really is a delight to know that there are those out there who love these dragons as much as I do!

  1. I so enjoyed Elizabeth’s entry in her commonplace book; her excitement about dragons and helping the Blue Order shows that she has been raised to be a Dragon Friend, if not an eventual Keeper. Plus, helping her father is something that always pleases her as well.

    I am addicted to this series of books; the melding of Austen’s characters with the world of dragons is absolutely brilliant, and I am eagerly awaiting reading Netherfield and finding out what Lydia and Wickham are up to with the rogue dragon! As I re-read the books, I noted the hints scattered throughout both books that show that there is indeed another major dragon near Longbourn, and I am so curious to see what will happen!!

    Thank you for these “tastes” of the dragon world while we eagerly await Netherfield!

    1. Thanks, Susanne. I’m still not entirely sure what Wickham and Lydia are up to, but I’m about to start writing that sequence, so I expect I’ll find that out soon!

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