Reason #78 Why writing takes so long

#78 Plague of Rats


Authors face unexpected hazards while trying to get their books written. Historical authors sometimes face unique challenges as historical problems rear up their ugly heads and try to–well sometimes–eat one’s muse.  But never fear, that’s why authors have cats, right?

Most recently, imagine my surprise, nay shock and horror that my home was under invasion by a plague of (stuffed) rats. Look at the size of those things! Almost the size of a ROUS (gratuitous Princess Bride reference.) Surely big enough to prove a serious hazard to all who might encounter them.

Enter my brave and daring ginger hunters whose greatest joy and privilege in life is to serve and protect the ‘Possessor of Thumbs’ she who opens the cat food. They came to my rescue–at great risk to themselves–and delivered those pesky (stuffed catnip) rats directly to my feet, yowling and screeching at the top of their fuzzy lungs to insure I did not miss their brave exploits.

How very fortunate an author I am to be worthy of my great feline hunters’ devoted protection!




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    • Deborah on November 28, 2017 at 3:56 am
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    Hahaha. The formidable ROUS. Yes. Brave cat.

    1. Quite formidable indeed.

    • Glynis on November 28, 2017 at 3:57 am
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    Well Maria, thank goodness your muse was saved! What a disaster that would have been. I hope your protectors were adequately rewarded? Although they may need to learn a little humility and not announce the success of their endeavours quite so noisily. 😂

    1. Humility and cats? Not sure that’s going to work out! LOL

    • J. W. Garrett on November 28, 2017 at 7:44 am
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    Loved the ROUS reference. I love that movie. Thankfully, you have your Royal Ginger Hunters Guard for protection. Your Royal Residence is safe.

    1. Royal Ginger Hunters! I love it!

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