Jul 15 2017

Help me write a Dragon Index

A lot of you have emailed and messaged me questions about the world of Jane Austen’s Dragons. After a bit of cogitation, I realized that the best way to address them would be to write an index to all things dragon!

But I need your help! Tell me: what do you want to know about the world of Jane Austen’s dragons?

Add your questions to the comments section  for the upcoming ‘Index of Jane Austen’s Dragons.’

Put you thinking caps on, ladies and gentlemen! I’ve got a special prize for the best questions I don’t already have in the list for the index!




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  1. Natasja Rose

    The classifications (serpent, mammal-like, landed vs companion)

    Particular abilities (poison breath, fire-breathing, disguise)

    Distinctive markings, similarities between species and how to tell them apart.

    Interesting facts (first known sighting, ‘X is most commonly found’, observations on behaviour, etc.)

    1. Maria Grace

      Thanks, these are some excellent questions.

  2. Natasja Rose

    I don’t know if this quite counts as ‘questions’ so much as ‘suggested formatting/layout of dragon entries’, but I hope it helps.

  3. Kris

    What do the eggs look like (ie., color, size,hard or leathery)? Do dragons have arranged marriages/matings? Do any of them stay together as pairs?

    1. Maria Grace

      Great questions, thanks!

  4. Mary List

    As in the famous Dragondex in the Dragonriders of Pern, who has a dragon, & what sort ? The estates, & the dragons that belong to them,& their cgaracter. Dragon speakers, & the Dragon deaf.

    1. Maria Grace

      Nice! Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Carole in Canada

    So many great questions already!

    How are disputes handled? If the rules are not followed, what are the consequences?

    I am also fascinated by the Blue Order…would this be a part of it or would that be a separate index altogether?

    As I think of more, I will post…

    1. Maria Grace

      Good questions! At the moment I am planning to inclue the Blue order in this index.

  6. Cindy H

    Can they cross-mate? Can small dragons suddenly become landed if their owners become landed? I.E. Bingley has a dragon and buys an estate.

    Do they have powers? Like some dragons can make themselves invisible, some have healing powers, etc.

    Do they have healers in their society?

    Do they have lore? I.e. is Elizabeth foretold to be some sort of dragon-queen? 😉

    1. Maria Grace

      Oooo, more good ones! Thanks!

  7. Carole in Canada

    Hi Maria,

    Just had a few questions regarding the Blue Order:

    1. How did the Earl of Matlock come into such power? Was it by vote?
    2. Who determines the positions and again is it by vote?
    3. Are there dragons that are rogue and how are they brought into the fold or dealt with?
    4. Yes, I’m liking the question about the ‘lore of dragons’ that have been passed down…are there prophecies about certain dragons and/or people?

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