Reason # 88 Why writing takes so long

#88 Critique Group Feedback







So. Much. Judgment.

One traditional way of improving your writing is through the use of critique groups. The idea is pretty simple. You give your writing to other writers and they tell you what you’ve done well.

And what you’ve done wrong. Mostly that.

Don’t get me wrong, some groups are great. Supportive, encouraging, the works. But others, well not so much.

And this bunch? Well, look at the guy in front? Does that say ‘happy reader’ to you? I think not. More like ‘what made you think you could call yourself a writer?’ And the black one giving me the cold shoulder… Yeah, they’re a pretty tough crowd. 

Like I said: So. Much. Judgement. 

How’s a gal to get any work done knowing she’s got to face that mob? Maybe if I start writing tuna fish recipes…

Does anyone else have a four footed critique group to please?




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  1. This is why I stopped going to Critique Groups.
    Everyone was either so worried about giving offence (because the offended would be vicious in return) that they barely said anything, or skip the ‘what you did well’ in favour of ‘why did you even pick up a pen, stupid?’.
    I would leave with my self-esteem in shreds and the temptation to throw my notebook in the trash on the way out. It would take me days to recover.

    1. They can be pretty brutal, can’t they?

  2. There’s no doubt about it: this type of critique group is the toughest kind! Especially when they block your screen and look at you with “No, no, that scene’s not working for me” in their eyes. On the other hand, my critique group’s good opinion can be bought with small treats, deep-tissue massages, and other forms of bribery. Cute post!

    1. Yep, that withering look will get you everytime, won’t it.But kitty treats will go a long way to improving their opinions for sure. They earn me forgiveness for putting ear drops in for infected ears. 😉

    • Carole in Canada on June 3, 2017 at 1:52 pm
    • Reply

    Oh those kitties can let you know when they are not happy with something! Their tail can say it all…no, no, no you can’t have Darcy win Elizabeth with that line!

    1. Absolutely!

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