Mar 23 2017

Reason #30: Why writing takes so long

#30 Cat won’t stay filed

People ask all the time, how long does it take to write a book. I always reply it depends on a great deal of things like how much research needs to be done, how active the muse, what’s going on with the family and the cats…

Cats? What do cats have to do with writing? Pretty much everything. Writers and cats just go together. It would be so much easier if it were dogs. Seriously, I have a dog and she nearly never slows down the writing. 

But, the crux of the matter is that dogs have owners, cats have staff.

For example. I try to keep things neat and organized. But the resident cats seem to have other things in mind.

I try to keep them all neatly filed, but they just won’t stay filed.

Soooo frustrating! Do you have any good tips on keeping your cats properly filed?


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  1. Lynn char

    I’m going to be watching this post in hopes someone does……our cat thinks my lap is the most wonderful place to be in all of the world (unless I want him on my lap of course). He enjoys it even more if I have a computer nearby as then he can walk on the keys and turn the internet and keyboard on and off on a whim. He’s lucky he’s so adorable…

    1. Maria Grace

      Mine like to cuddle the keyboard. Sometimes I’ll get one on each side. It’s created some really interesting documents!

  2. tgruy

    Sooo true. And the cat isn’t even mine. I will be checking for any advice you may get!

    1. Maria Grace

      LOL! I’m hoping for some too!

  3. Natasja Rose

    This is why I don’t cut fabric and my friend’s house on our sewing get-togethers. I spend more time removing one of their three cats from making a new nest in the fabric than I do cutting!

    1. Maria Grace

      I have to cut fabric behind a closed door or I have several of them vying for the chance to next in it!

  4. Nancy Lawrence

    My cat won’t stay filed because he feels it’s his job to sit on the papers that are most important to me at the time. He’s like a little divining rod; somehow whatever document I need ends up right underneath him. I’ve thought about renaming him Paperweight, but I like his original name (Alex) better.

    1. Maria Grace

      They do have radar, don’t they. My personal ‘paperweight’ is making sure my calendar/to do list won’t possibly get lost–or seen for that matter! AT least he’s purring while he does it.

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